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Business Booming for  Online Pharmacies 

By Pat Anson, Editor

Buy Oxycontin Online, One of the many unintende consequences of efforts to reduce opioid prescribing is that they may be fueling the growth of illegal online pharmacies. 

According to one estimate, as many as 35,000 online pharmacies are in operation worldwide. Over 90 percent are not in compliance with federal and state laws, many do not require a prescription, and about half are selling counterfeit painkillers and other fake medications. About 20 illegal online pharmacies are launched every day.

“There is no sign that this is slowing down,” says Libby Baney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP), an industry supported non-profit.

“You have people (losing) their access to healthcare, not just pain care, but just general care. You have the opioid epidemic. You have the well-intended policy responses to that. All of this has the potential, unintended consequence of sending people to the Internet.

Drugs Sign.jpg“My biggest fear is that if you limit prescriptions to five days or seven days, or prevent access to medication altogether, and people search.” 

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Since 2015, counterfeit painkillers and other medications made with illicit fentanyl have killed Americans in at least 16 states, according to a recent report that found the highly dangerous pills have spread from coast to coast.

“A lot of these people are buying it on the street or the Internet,” Dr. Karen Gunson, Oregon’s medical examiner, told The Oregonian. “They think they’re buying oxycodone or Xanax pills but they don’t know what they’re getting.”

What pain medications can you buy online? Oxycodone, hydrocodone, Percocet, Vicodin, tramadol and other painkillers can easily be found online, along with other controlled substances that are becoming harder for patients to obtain legally.

“There are thousands of websites that have figured it out and people are using them,” says Baney. “Most of these sites are base offshore. Because they may be using some U.S. servers, U.S. bank accounts or U.S. domain registrars, but nearly

all are offshore. And that creates law enforcement hurdles.”

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Furthermore Last month the Food and Drug Administration announce a crackdown on over 500 online pharmacies that are accuse of selling illegal and potentially dangerous medications. Warning letters are send on September 19, giving the website operators 10 days to stop selling misbrand prescription drugs. 

Twenty days later, most of them are still online selling the same medications.

Because In a chat today with “Peter” at one of the websites that receive a warning letter, I was tell that I could purchase 80mg tablets of oxycodone without a prescriptionAnother website offer to ship us medications “place inside baby doll as gift to ensure customer privacy and safe delivery.”

Baney says many of the illegal online pharmacies act as marketing agents for foreign drug suppliers.

“You don’t even need to have your own drug supply,” she said. “All you have to do is join an affiliate network and basically become a third-party marketer for an existing drug network.

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